About The Artist

Kathryn is an artist and painter, and finds her inspiration in nature’s beauty, colors, and backyard wildlife, especially birds. Her work explores these subjects during ordinary, yet extraordinary moments. During the past few years, Kathryn’s art has focused on both watercolor painting, and acrylic painting, and she has developed a real passion for both of these mediums.

At the heart of her work is a desire to capture and communicate nature’s beauty and essence. Kathryn would like her audience to feel a sense of awe and peace when viewing her work. She enjoys creating unique compositions of various nature scenes, and filling her paintings with attractive, harmonious colors. Each of her paintings consists of subjects that sparked an intense interest within her, in order to fully bring it to life on paper or canvas.

Kathryn’s paintings have been shown at juried and non-juried art exhibits and local businesses in the Ann Arbor, MI area.  Her paintings can be found in private collections throughout the US and abroad. As a member of the Michigan Bluebird Society, she is enthusiastic about helping bluebirds thrive. They are also a favorite subject for her to paint.

Kathryn appreciates you visiting her website and blog.


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