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Such Class!

Taking a 6-week drawing class with Tina Hotchkiss, instructor at the Ypsi Community Recreation Center. Since drawing is the foundation to a good painting,  it is essential to practice the basics. Tina has a good eye for seeing just what you need to work on, as well as your strengths. It’s good to be back in one of her classes again, out of my own studio, and be with other artists in a supportive environment.

New Website – Almost Ready to Publish

I’m getting close to publishing my new website. I’ve gone back over some of the WordPress themes and done some tweeking. I’ve gone over some notes and videos from Dee’s WordPress class, which helped me to get over some hurdles. I think I’m ready to go. This next step is kind of intimidating for me. I have to map my existing domain to my new site. What the heck does that mean? Ok, calm down. It’s just a matter of a few steps.  I’ve got the instructions, now I just… Read more New Website – Almost Ready to Publish