Helga Flower Watercolor & Mixed Media Workshop

Wow! I just finished a four day Watercolor & Mixed Media Workshop sponsored by the Chelsea Center for the Arts with artist and instructor Helga Flower. What a wonderful experience those four days were. Helga is a dynamite artist, teacher, and author! We had a great group of people at the workshop, and the venue was fantastic. I’m so glad I went. I had never heard of Helga Flower before, but I’ll remember her from now on. I’ve got her art instructional DVD’s to refer to when I want to practice her techniques, and her book, “War Child” to read her biographical story, from a child’s point of view, about one family’s struggles during and after WWII. She told me young people need to read her book to realize just how good they have it here in the US. It’s a quick read, and so very engrossing. Remarkable woman!


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