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Category: Activities

In Private Collections 2019 – Watercolors

This has been an amazing year for my watercolor painting productivity, as well as paintings added to people’s private collections. At the beginning of the year, I studied under Sterling Edwards from his DVD’s and learned some valuable new watercolor painting techniques. I also own two of his books, and was able to refer to them, as needed. He is a wonderful watercolor artist, and an excellent teacher, who advocates painting in a more loose, painterly fashion. Painting more loose is something many watercolor artists aspire to accomplish. Lord knows,… Read more In Private Collections 2019 – Watercolors

Inspiration from Mackinac Island

Had a wonderful time with friends, visiting the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island this year and last attending the Grand Garden Show hosted by Proven Winners. I came home with a few new goodies to add to my flower garden, and quickly planted them, so they’ll develop their root system, and be ready to grow next spring. Somehow, I can always find room for another plant in there! I took plenty of reference photos for future art painting inspiration. Of course, some photos were just for fun! Hope you enjoy… Read more Inspiration from Mackinac Island

Downy Woodpecker Painting

We see Downy Woodpeckers often at our bird feeders. They really like suet, and we keep our hanging feeder stocked with a variety of it, especially in the winter. While at Kensington Park, MI recently, I was amazed and lucky enough to have one of these birds land on my hand and eat seeds from it. They are small birds, and are very sweet and beautiful to look at. I decided to add the Downy Woodpecker to my mini-paintings in acrylics. So fun to paint! Available at my Etsy Store.… Read more Downy Woodpecker Painting

Commissioned Mini-Paintings

In 2018, I was commissioned to paint ten mini-paintings/ornaments in acrylics on canvas for a young woman. She wanted to give a special Christmas gift to each of her family members. She wanted each person to have a different mini-painting, and they needed to have a common thread, so they looked like a collection.  I was honored to be given the opportunity to create this group of paintings for her, as seen below, and that she was thrilled with the results. We worked together to make sure she was satisfied… Read more Commissioned Mini-Paintings