In Private Collections 2019 – Watercolors

This has been an amazing year for my watercolor painting productivity, as well as paintings added to people’s private collections.

At the beginning of the year, I studied under Sterling Edwards from his DVD’s and learned some valuable new watercolor painting techniques. I also own two of his books, and was able to refer to them, as needed. He is a wonderful watercolor artist, and an excellent teacher, who advocates painting in a more loose, painterly fashion. Painting more loose is something many watercolor artists aspire to accomplish. Lord knows, it’s not easy! I plan on practicing more of the techniques he recommends in the coming year.

In June, I was commissioned by friends of ours to do two large watercolor paintings of wisteria flowers. The paintings were narrow and long, 12″ x 24″ each, and would adorn each side of their bedroom fireplace. The paintings were done to their specifications, in a more “impressionistic” fashion, and the project took several months from beginning to end. Once the paintings were completed, I treated the front of the watercolor paper with cold wax, and mounted each of the paintings to a hard surface. This procedure enabled the paintings to be framed without glass for display, as this was their preference.

During the year, one of my peony paintings went to a dear friend to add some spring color to her bedroom. The other 3 paintings went to people that I do not know personally, but I am very happy they liked my work enough to want to own it.

Below are my watercolor paintings, from this year, that are now in “private collections” from Kathryn Duncan – Artist!



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