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Category: Workshops


New Website – Almost Ready to Publish

I’m getting close to publishing my new website. I’ve gone back over some of the WordPress themes and done some tweeking. I’ve gone over some notes and videos from Dee’s WordPress class, which helped me to get over some hurdles. I think I’m ready to go. This next step is kind of intimidating for me. I have to map my existing domain to my new site. What the heck does that mean? Ok, calm down. It’s just a matter of a few steps.  I’ve got the instructions, now I just… Read more New Website – Almost Ready to Publish

Learning WordPress at WCC

I’m taking a WordPress class with instructor and artist Dee Overly at Washtenaw Community College.  I’ve taken other classes with Dee, and she has a very “user friendly” teaching style, complete with lots of resources to reinforce your learning. Previously, I learned a lot from her about getting digital images internet ready, and creating an artist website. Now I’m taking another step by converting my website  and blog to WordPress. I’m looking forward to learning about and using this exciting software.