A “Picnic” In October

This is a project called “The Picnic” that  I worked on, along with several other members of Ann Arbor Women Artists; it was done in Art Nouveau style. The exhibit was installed in Ann Arbor’s Liberty Plaza for one week in October, 2015. The Ann Arbor Art Center sponsored the Pop-X event, and several artist and artist groups participated in creating separate installations for the show.

Gallery sitting at an outdoor exhibit: I happened to pick one of the coldest days to gallery sit for a couple of hours. In all fairness, I got to do a lot of people watching that day, as there was a home football game, and the streets were full of UofM and Michigan State folks in downtown Ann Arbor getting ready for the big game.

From the photos I saw posted on Facebook regarding Pop-X, I saw that most of the other show days were glorious, fall, sunny, and warm! Not the day I picked! You can see me all bundled up in the last picture below. It was fun and exciting to see The Picnic exhibit all assembled and in person. It truly was beautiful; complete with nature’s sound effects inside the structure. I enjoyed meeting and greeting people that stopped by to check it out, and to see and hear their expressions of joy and wonder. When I got home, it took a couple of hours to thaw myself out! I thought I had bundled up sufficiently for the cold and damp weather that day, but it chilled me to the bone! Oh well, that’s Michigan!


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