Paintings Back Home – Ahhh! Exhibit over!

My home is now decorated with my nature watercolor paintings again. My husband and I took my exhibit down from Moonwinks’s Cafe yesterday. The people there said they really enjoyed them, and were sorry to see them go. One man told my husband how much he and his wife enjoyed my paintings, an my husband said, “You know, they’re for sale”. The man said he couldn’t afford it.

When I take my paintings to an exhibit, they usually come off of my walls around the house from various rooms. I miss seeing them at home, because they are a part of the decor. I try to fill in the gaps with other paintings, so the walls don’t look so empty. I’m always glad to get them back again. My husband made me promise to not to take a particular painting down, because he enjoys seeing it so much. He also “bought” one of my first watercolor painings! I’m not kidding – he shelled out some money and said, “Now you sold a painting”.  He always reminds me that it’s his painting. I thought that was very sweet. He’s my biggest fan!

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