About my newest floral paintings

Pink Roses and Bud – 16″ x 12″
Watercolor on Paper
Yellow Moonbeams – 12″ x 16″
Watercolor on Paper
Poppycock – 16″ x 12″
Watercolor on Paper
Field of Dreams – 16″ x 12″
Watercolor on Paper
I’ve been working on several floral watercolor paintings so far this year. To me, flowers are  fascinating, challenging and my inspiration for these flower paintings comes from my flower garden.
When I was working on this rose painting, “Pink Roses and Bud” I wanted to achieve beautiful pastel pink and yellow roses, attractive shadows, along with a harmonious background. I wanted the leaf edges to be jagged in some places, and the leafs to form an interesting design.
With the yellow roses painting, Yellow Moonbeams”, I was trying to achieve more dramatic lights and darks, interesting negative spaces, along with color harmony in the background.
 My first poppy painting, “Poppycock”  has a very simple background. The focus is mostly on the flowers, leaves, and buds.
 In my second poppy painting, “Field of Dreams” I was experimenting with negative painting in the background. The leaves have a floating, dreamy-like design to them. The green color has a beautiful light blue-green color peeking out from leaf to leaf. It’s a little bit of a fantasy.

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