I saw something yesterday that inspired me to share what’s going on in my studio. So, here goes….

It’s Monday again. Time to get busy matting my prints which I printed yesterday, and let dry for 24 hrs. They actually seem pretty dry shortly after printing, but I’m following printer’s instructions to be on the safe side.  I’m using a Canon Pro-10 printer with Lucia pigment ink tanks, which produces beautiful colors. I also print on fine art paper which looks just like watercolor paper, and works very well reproducing my watercolor paintings. I have to be sure to print on the correct side of the paper, the brightest white side, to get the proper results.

I’m working to replace prints that have sold in the past few months, and to add some new ones from my newer paintings.  I’m also working to get my replacement inventory ready to take to the two shops which I have my items in, Artistica in Dexter, and The Eyrie in Ypsilanti. I’m glad I ordered showcase materials from Clearbags because my supply of mats was really low.

Below are images of prints that I will be replacing and/or adding:


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